The Quadforce Of Dance Congress Expenses

I know there are some low-key video game nerds in the dance scene (shoutouts to y’all) who have played The Legend Of Zelda and know what the Triforce is, but for those who don’t, the Triforce is a mythical object in the LOZ universe made up of three triangles, representing Power, Wisdom, and Courage.

I wanted to use the idea of a Triforce to describe the major expenses of attending a dance congress, but there are four major expenses related to dance congresses, not three.  Therefore, Quadforce of Dance Congress Expenses.

The four major dance congress expenses are:

1.  Pass

2.  Travel

3.  Lodging

4.  Food

My next four posts will cover each of these four dance congress expenses and various ideas for minimizing these expenses as much as possible while still having a good congress experience and supporting the event properly.

– Owen


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